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Abstracts from Rossman Elementary 2015

Rossman Elementary
1221 Rossman Ave
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

Year: 2015
Teacher(s): Shelly Gilson

MC(Madagascar Hissing) Escher? What can you learn from specially padded feet?

Davin A, Allie B, Sidney B, Rylee J, Waylon L

We were extremely curious about how a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach moves. We researched and found out that MHC have specially padded feet which enable them to climb any surface. We observed their crawling abilities on different surfaces, and recorded our data.

We were studying animal tracks in nature, and were wondering about the tracks Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches make. We had Hissers crawl through different florescent paints, then placed them on a contrasting surface to study their movement. We observed the artistic design they produced by creating pictures with their tracks.

Please be my honey bee! Are grades important?

Linnea A, Hanna K, Cami L, Natalie M

We are so excited about rearing Monarchs this fall. When they completed the life cycle as adults, we still had to feed them, when our source of fresh flowers were gone. We researched and found out they like honey water, fruits, gatorade, and juices. We're learning to eat healthier and read labels, so we wanted to try the most natural, and nutritious one for our Monarch Butterflies. Which grade of honey do Monarch Butterflies prefer? Do they like the top grade or the Costco brand? We conducted an experiment to find out. We recorded our data.

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