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Abstracts from Gustavus Adolphus College 2012

Gustavus Adolphus College
800 W College Ave
St Peter, MN 56082

Year: 2012
Teacher(s): Michele Koomen

Some monarchs like it hot, hot, hot!

Nani K

I wanted to find out how long it took a monarch to grow from an egg to a butterfly in different temperatures. I collected 18 eggs. I put 6 eggs into deli containers, which were then placed, in a large cage. I put the large cage either in my basement, in the office or outside. The average temperature in the basement was 73; the office was 78 and outside was 83. It took the longest time for the butterfly to emerge in my basement. My first hypothesis was supported (I think it will take more time in a cool temperature). Next time, I would want to begin with even more monarchs because so many of my monarchs died.

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