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Abstracts from Cromwell 2017

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Cromwell, MN 55726

Year: 2017
Teacher(s): Lori Wester

Organism diversity in Ponds

Cheyenne S, Amber C, Lacie Z

Our group tested the difference in organism diversity between two ponds.  Our hypotheses were as follows: The woods pond will be more diversity than the pond on school grounds. The school pond will have more diversity than the pond in the woods. Lastly, there will be no difference in diversity between the two ponds.

 We recorded our findings by tallying how many individuals were in each species. We were then able to find the diversity using the Simpson’s diversity index equation.

In conclusion, we discovered that the pond in the woods had a greater diversity and a greater number of organisms than the pond on school grounds. We also discovered that the pH level was the same in the two ponds, scoring a 6.     

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