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Abstracts from Cromwell 2018

Box 7 Hwy 210
Cromwell, MN 55726

Year: 2018
Teacher(s): Lori Wester

Affects of Milkweed reproduction

Kyra G, Josie S

After observing the milkweed close to my house being sprayed we are trying to figure out if chemicals can affect reproduction of milkweed which would eventually affect the butterfly. We collected some milkweed pods from two different areas. One of the areas was sprayed by chemical and the other place wasn't sprayed. We counted the milkweed seeds from each pod and we compared the two.

Does grey water affect plant growth?

Macie L, Aurora G

Our Project is testing plants to see if they can handle grey water. We will have different grey water and clear water and test the plants to see if there is a difference in growth.  We want to see if we can reuse water for plants.

How does a change in climate effect plant growth?

Elliot A, Connor W

We are going to be comparing how grass grows in a cold climate, and a room temperature climate.  The growth will be measured daily for each group.  We will water both groups every other day. We will let both groups grow for 2 weeks, then compare final results.  

Is there a difference in ph in different water?

Jillian A, Emaleigh O

We are going to test 5 different waters .  The liquids are tap water, river water, snow, well water  and carbonated bottle water.  We will put 250 milliliters of each liquid in a different cup.  Our goal is to test the pH of each of the liquids.  We know that water is a closed system, so we want to see if all water has the same ph. 

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