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Abstracts from Twin Oaks Middle School 2006

Twin Oaks Middle School
15860 Fish Point Rd SE
Prior Lake, MN 55372

Year: 2006
Teacher(s): Jennifer Clemmerson

Bisson & Berg Insect Collection

Chelsea B, Shaunna B, Shannen L

Chelsea and Shauna's insect project took a long time to do well first and foremost we wanted to say that we put a lot of time, thought, and effort into our bp we started catching the bugs when we first heard about the project but we did not decide to be partners until about 10 days before the bug project was due because she had the bugs i needed and I had the bugs she needed so it was as if it were a puzzle. Two weekends before the bug project was due we got together and caught as many bugs as we could and kept them in the freezer for about a week then I went to Shauna's again the next week and we spent nine hours gathering our supplies gluing them on, cutting the wire to the flowers and pinning our bugs through them our dragonfly is actually a baby dragon fly most of our project we did by ourselves but the bug catching we had a little bit of help. most all our bugs our in perfect condition and we hope that you enjoy our display.

Lawrence & Mahowald Insect Collection

Sayde M

This project was created to display insects from seven common orders.  Each insect was caught, killed, and labeled with their classification informatin.

Riesenberg & Fisher Insect Collection

Jacob F, Mason R

This project demonstrates the classification of seven different insect orders.

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