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Abstracts from Edgerton Elementary 2006

Edgerton Elementary
1929 Edgerton St
Maplewood, MN 55117

Year: 2006
Teacher(s): Harmony Lewis

What Fruit Do Monarch Adults Prefer To Nectar On?

Krystina K, Tony J, Darrisonn T, Nikki G, John F, Jamaria K

Our group wanted to see what fruits adult monarchs would nectar on and which ones they preferred.  We experimented with grapes, cantaloupe slices, watermelon, kiwis, bananas, pear slices, raspberries, apple wedges, oranges, lemons, and limes.  We tried to give the monarch a large variety of fruits to choose from.  Over all our experiment had a lot of ups and downs and we don’t have much data, but we did conclude that they do prefer certain fruits over others.  We also learned it’s a lot of work to care for another creature and to design an experiment that gives us real results or proves something new.

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