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Abstracts from John A. Johnson Elementary 2006

John A. Johnson Elementary
740 York Ave
St. Paul, MN 55106

Year: 2006
Teacher(s): Jenny Dechaine

Insects in our community

Jada A, Alyana B, Breyanna E, Marisha B, Sakina G, Jade H, Yessica L, Douar M, Marcellus S, Deviante L, Nicholas H

The third and fourth grade science club at John A. Johnson elementary wanted to learn more about the insects that live in our community.  Therefore, we used pit traps and nets to catch insects (and spiders) around our school and homes.  We researched our insects and made models of some of our insects, so members of our community and other students can also learn about common insects in Saint Paul.  We hope you enjoy walking through our display and that you come out knowing more about insects that you might find at home.  Happy learning!

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