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Abstracts from E. Dahlberg 2007

E. Dahlberg
1711 Evergreen Alcove
Woodbury, MN 55125

Year: 2007
Teacher(s): Eric Dahlberg

Ladybug Races

Madeline D, Kaitlin G

We chose to observe ladybugs because they were easy to purchase and they were mailed to our house. We wanted to know if ladybugs without spots would go further than ladybugs with spots. Each ladybug crawled through a loop-de-loop. We timed the ladybugs and wrote down how far they went. The ladybugs that we watched with spots went further than ladybugs without spots. We did not expect the ladybugs to choose not to come back out of the loop-de-loop.

Monarchs & Flowers

Heather D, Carly H

We thought that monarch butterflies would be easy to catch and easy to observe so that's why we chose to experiment with them. We observed them to find out what color flowers monarch butterflies preferred most: purple, white, or yellow/orange flowers. We put six monarch butterflies in a cage, one at a time, so we could watch them. Our butterfly samples showed that monarch butterflies preferred purple more than the other colors.

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