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Abstracts from E. Dahlberg 2009

E. Dahlberg
1711 Evergreen Alcove
Woodbury, MN 55125

Year: 2009
Teacher(s): Eric Dahlberg

A'maze'ing Ants

Heather D, Anna R, Carly H

We chose ants because they are such a common insect that no one seems to know much about them. We made a maze and observed ants as they found their way through the maze to a food source. None of the results were exactly alike. We expected to find that they would find their way through the maze faster after multiple tries. We found that not all of the ants had followed our prediction. Every ant is very different. You can’t take just one ant and expect to find one certain answer. We figured that this was an uncommon experiment and that this would give information for future studies on both ants and the food chain.

Stupendous Stinkbugs

Kaitlin G, Hannah K, Madeline D

Stink bugs in nature are found in various places. We took two materials such as smooth wood and rough wood to see which surface stink bugs prefer. Stink bugs are good for this project because when they are active they limit themselves on how far they tend to go which makes it easier to observe them and collect data. We predicted that stink bugs would go to the rough wood over the smooth wood because we thought that rough wood would be easier for stink bugs to grip the wood with their legs.

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