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Abstracts from E. Dahlberg 2010

E. Dahlberg
1711 Evergreen Alcove
Woodbury, MN 55125

Year: 2010
Teacher(s): Eric Dahlberg

Critter Crawlers

Heather D, Anna R, Hannah K

Our project is about whether or not caterpillars will cross water to get to their food. We tried to figure out if caterpillars will cross a small water barrier to get to a food source (milkweed). We tested them in a shoe box and timed them in 5 minute intervals with a stopwatch for 15 minutes. Our results indicated that caterpillars are not likely to cross water. Out research might explain what might happen to a caterpillar if rained more tht it should in their habitat. We learned that caterpillars can float or possibly swim.

Dragonfly Decisions

Madeline D

What do dragonflies prefer to land on? Lily pads or tall grass? I was studying dragonflies to see if there was a preference of what dragonflies prefer to land on because I want to find a way to help their habitiat on water. People can help dragonfly habitats because if we learn about where they like to land, we can help by planting more plants that they like to land on. I learned that when you do research, anything can happen!

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