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Abstracts from E. Dahlberg 2011

E. Dahlberg
1711 Evergreen Alcove
Woodbury, MN 55125

Year: 2011
Teacher(s): Eric Dahlberg

Aquatic Adventures

Madeline D

I did an experiment on aquatic animals. Some of these creatures are microscopic. By doing this experiment I'm trying to find out if density of plants affects the density of insects. I visited 3 different bodies of water and collected samples of aquatic life from each area and observed them under a microscope. All the areas I experimented from had some kind of garbage in it. I hope to find out if the way the ecosystem is polluted, can affect the growth of insects and microscopic animals.

Getting Dirty with Worms

Heather D, Anna R, Ella C

Our project is about whether or not worms will decrease their distance traveled over time when exposed to foreign liquids. We kept them in clear plastic acquariums for 11 days. Each day we would test them on the lid of the aquarium for 60 seconds. In each aquarium, we would put them in a different foreign substance. We wanted to see how thier reaction would change over time. The only worms that died were the ones in vinegar. The rest of the worms, surprisingly, survived.

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