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Abstracts from E. Dahlberg 2012

E. Dahlberg
1711 Evergreen Alcove
Woodbury, MN 55125

Year: 2012
Teacher(s): Eric Dahlberg

Box Elders on Boards

Madeline D, Anna R

Our project is about box elder bug preference. We wanted to find out which texture and height they prefer. We created two identical boards with different textures on them and hung them at two different heights. We did this project to find out what textures attract box elder bugs and why they might be attracted to certain homes. We learned that box elder bugs preferred higher heights to lower heights and fibrous, hairy textures to rougher textures.

Marvelous Millipedes

Heather D, Braden W

We are trying to figure out whether millipedes prefer light over dark. We collected several millipedes and put them in a plastic aquarium with half of the aquarium in the light and half in the dark. Millipedes are good decomposers and we can be careful not to destroy their habitat if we know what kind of habitat they prefer. We learned that millipedes prefer dark habitats over light habitats.

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