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Abstracts from Rum River Elementary 2004

Rum River Elementary
16950 Verdin St NW
Andover, MN 55304

Year: 2004
Teacher(s): Margaret Williams

Monarch Larvae Eating Habits

Katie V, Jenny H, Kayeon M

Question: How many grams of milkweed do larvae eat in a day? Hypothesis: We thought a larva would eat one gram a day. We measured the amount of milkweed we put in and took out of our larvae container everyday for 2 weeks.

Operation Colorfly!

Xu Y, Tanner B, Trevor M

Our question was: What will happen if we put food coloring on the monarch eggs? Hypothesis: We thought the food coloring would change the color of the larvae. We put food coloring on the eggs every day - some used red and some used blue. We had a control group that we monitored and just moistened with water..

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