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Abstracts from Rum River Elementary 2007

Rum River Elementary
16950 Verdin St NW
Andover, MN 55304

Year: 2007
Teacher(s): Melyssa Carlson, Margaret Williams

Grasshoppers Sniffing Out the Case

Ashton B, Johnathan F, Kylie S, Jack K

We observed the food choices of grasshoppers.  We were looking for the preferred food from a selection of geranium. marigold, grass, and lemon balm.  Our group predicted that the hoppers would prefer the lemon balm because of the strong scent.  We put the picked leaves near opposite walls of a square box and waeched to see where the grasshoppers went.  The large grasshoppers consistently preferred the marigolds.  The smaller grasshoppers were very actiive but did not choose to be near food.

Jiminy Cricket! The Behavioral Differences Between Wild and Domestic Crickets

John K, Susie C, Alexandra R, Blake H

We observed three different kinds of crickets for behavioural differences.  The types of crickets involved in our study were small domestic, large domestic and wild.  We noticed differences ib mortality,  activity and chirping.  We observed that the small crickets were less active and the wild crickets had the highest mortality rate.

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