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Abstracts from St. Peter's School 2008

St. Peter's School
2620 N Margaret St
North St. Paul, MN 55109

Year: 2008
Teacher(s): Michele Anderson

Sugar and Roly Polies: Positive or Negative Chemotaxis?

Jennifer L, Mark D, Eryn H, Kate C, Keilah I

Will Roly Polies be attracted to  sugar? Or will they move away from sugar? How about salt, or sour? 

Chemotaxis is an organism's movements when placed near a chemical: an isopod will show positive chemotaxis by moving toward a chemical and negative chemotaxis by moving away from a chemical.

Isopods are placed in the middle of a petri dish that is divided into four sections. A drop of water containing salt, sugar or vinegar was placed in a section. One section had just water. The movement of the isopods from the center  was measured every 30 seconds for 5 minutes.

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