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Abstracts from Sauk Rapids Rice Middle School 2008

Sauk Rapids Rice Middle School
901 First St S
Sauk Rapids, MN 56379

Year: 2008
Teacher(s): Mardi Knudson

Growing in Light and Dark

William M

Our question was whether monarch larva would grow better in the light or dark. We had 2 larva and put one in a dark room and one in a room with light. We fed them both common milkweed. Every other day we measured them at 8pm in millimeters. We realized that larva grow better in the light than dark because our larva growing in the dark room died.

Up, Up and Away

Julia M, Linaya M

We were trying to figure out how much energy Asian Beetles have. We collected about 50 beetles and kept them for one week. Then we made a plastic tube for them to race in. The beetles were placed in the tube, one at a time and we started our stopwatch at the time they started to climb up the side of the tube. We timed each one and our first hypothesis was supported which stated that we thought it would take an average of 30-60 seconds for each one to climb to the top of the tube. We wondered how much energy they would have had if we wouldn't have waited one week for them to do the experiment.

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