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Abstracts from Eden Valley Watkins Secondary 2008

Eden Valley Watkins Secondary
298 Brooks St. North
Eden Valley, MN 55329

Year: 2008
Teacher(s): David Dziengel

Box Elder bugs color preference

Blake B, Zach L

In our experiment we tested to see if box elder bugs prefer white or black colored paper.  We took ten box elder bugs and put them into a plastic container and added a black piece of paper and and a white piece of paper.  We observed the box elder bugs for 15 minutes.  We found that 8/10 of them went to the black piece of paper.

Hot and Cold Floating Box Elder Bugs

Joel S

In this experiment I tested to see if Box Elder bugs could stay afloat longer in hot or cold water.  I took the Box Elder bugs and put 1 of them in a container of cold water and 1 in a container of warm water.  After placing them in water I waited until they sank.  I repeated this experiment 4 times.  From my experiment I found that the hot water floated the Box Elder bugs longer.

Mello Yello and Ladybugs

Erin S, Christina S

We tested to see which combination of Mello Yello, and either salt, sugar, or water ladybugs liked best.  We conducted our experiment by putting Mello Yello and either salt, water, or sugar in a Petri dish.  We place two ladybugs in each dish. They hung out in the dish for about a minute and slowly approached the Mellow Yello. We watched them drink for 15 minutes at the most.  Our experiment showed that they like the Mello Yello with sugar the best. The next afternoon I checked on our ladybugs, and found that they all lived.

Orb Weaving Spider

Chris H

I tested to see how long an orb weaving spider would survive in a 1 foot by 2 foot plastic container without prey.  After two weeks of not feeding the spider it was still alive.  The day I fed the spider it was curled up in a ball.

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