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Abstracts from Cedar Park S.T.E.M. School 2010

Cedar Park S.T.E.M. School
7500 Whitney Drive
Apple Valley, MN 55124

Year: 2010
Teacher(s): Kelli Ellickson

Climbing Champions

William A, Braden K, Haley R, Marvin W, Dylan W, Carter P

In this experiment we investigated and analyzed different surfaces and slopes on which a milkweed bug could climb up.

Friend, Family or Foe?

Jodaya B, Quintin D, Jade H, Kindra H, Eli H, Tristin W

We conducted an observational study of the large milkweed bug and another type of unknown insect discovered in large numbers on the milkweed plants in our schoolyard gardens. We observed, discussed and recorded similarities and differences between the two types of insects to determine the identity of the unknown insect and it's relationship to the milkweed bug.

Milkweed Bug Food Preference Study

Natalie D, Marisa K, Uzoma N, Masha V, Angellynn G

In this experiment we tested the eating preferences of large milkweed bug specimens captured in our outdoor classroom gardens. We chose four possible food sources from the natural habitats where the insects were collected.

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