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Abstracts from Cedar Park S.T.E.M. School 2017

Cedar Park S.T.E.M. School
7500 Whitney Drive
Apple Valley, MN 55124

Year: 2017
Teacher(s): Kelli Ellickson

Ant Bait

Shreyas P

My project was on ants and their food preferences. I came up with this idea because every year ants "invade" my house each summer. I felt this could easily be stopped without killing them. I thought that with the result people could be careful not to spill the foods that they like so that the ants won't come. This also helps with your budget because some people even hire exterminators to kill ants!

Are Painted Lady Butterflies Picky pollinators or Not

Mohamed M, Mina N

In our ecology experiment we learned new things about painted lady butterflies. Here's our experiment. Our question is what type of flowers do they like best (color, texture, shape, size). The painted lady butterflies pollinate migrate, eat thistle and migrate. How our experiment goes is we time the butterflies as they pollinate their favorite flower and observe them as they go. We see how long the pollinate also. The flowers we use are zinnias, cosmos, marigold, black-eyed-susan, and purple asters. We just use sugar water to keep them hydrated. The first trial the data was that 3 went to marigold for 6-16, 42-1.16,1.21-5.00. We too 5.00 min to complete trial 1. We used 6 cups (1 starting point and 5 flowers).

Butterflies Brain Sweet or Sour

Shamitha J, Sahiti A

The butterfly experiment shows what scents attract butterflies for pollination. If people put a sweet or sour scent ton the flower, then the butterflies will come the the flowers and pollinates it. We were originally going to do our project about bees, but didn't have enough time or proper materials. From this experience, we learned about scientists changing and modifying experiments when things don't always go as planned.  First we got flowers and scents (vanilla, lime); put each scent on the flowers and put them near the butterflies; everyday we observe for five minutes so that you can get a decent amount of data.

Colors, Colors a bee's favorite color

Pranava K, Charles P

The reason we did this experiment is because we don't want the bees to die out. We want them to live. We did this so we can figure out what colors of flowers attract bees so the bees can have more flowers that they want to pollinate so more flowers survive and more bees do to. Bees are awesome. The bees help the world survive and the same with all the ecosystems. 

Cricket Crunch

Sannidh B

What food do crickets prefer? For this experiment I used a box with a clear viewing hole, 1 leaf, 1 apple slice and 1 banana slice. For 5 days from 6:00 - 7:00 I put a leaf, apple slice, and banana slice into the box. After the hour I would see which food the cricket ate the most of. My hypothesis was that the cricket would mostly eat the leaf. The results showed that the cricket at the apple slice 3 times, the leaf once, and the banana slice once. My purpose for this experiment was to find out what to feed crickets and what to not have out when there is a cricket in your house.

Does Size Matter

Neha N

I did my expiriment ("What Size Flower do Honey Bees Perefer") because, some people were asking how to atracct bees because they wanted them to pollinate there flowers. And I wanted to help them by finding out what size flower honey bees prefered. And so then I thoght of the question "What Size Flower do Bees Prefer" (small, mediem or large) in a tree cups neer a bee colony. And I cheked on it tow times a day for three days. And after all my results. I found that the honey bees preferd the mediem sized flowers over the small and large. 

Ladybug Lunch!!!

Yulian H, Sujit P, Rayyan Q

Our experiment was seeing what type of flowers ladybugs like. We put in different colored flowers: a pink flower, reddish orangish, purple and yellow. We caught 5 ladybugs in total. We concluded that they were attracted to the pink flower. We also noted that they went to the reddish orangish flower the least. They can't see colors so maybe they went to the flowers according to scent and size. We replaced the flowers and similar things happened.  They drank most of the nectar from the flowers. They also ate the stems of the flowers.  We thought that they would go for the brightest flower because we expected them to see ultra violet.  In conclusion we enjoyed working with ladybugs and learned much more about them.

Pollinators by Design

Wyatt C

The purpose of this investigation was to evaluate the effectiveness of prairie restoration projects in attracting a wider variety of pollinators. 4 sites were monitored and compared for member and type of pollinators. A bioblitz was set up in iNaturalist to enlist the help of others in gathering data and identifying species. In the end it was found that these are a direct correlation of the diversity fo the plants and the diversity of the pollinators. It can be concluded that planting native plants do impact the numbers and variety of pollinators. 

Pollution Central: Life or Death

Alastair R, Kaleb N

These past few weeks the entire 5th grade has been working hard on our Eco Columns! For this past week, we've been using a "pollutant" for our eco columns. We had three choices: "Acid rain", "Fertilizer" and "Road salt". We, Kaleb and Alastair, decided to try all three pollutants on two insects; Crickets and Isopods inside a mine ecosystem or "Eco Column". For their diets we planted Alfalfa seeds, Mustard Seed, Grass seed and Leaf Matter. We are testing all pollutants and we are waiting to see which pollutant does the most damage. We are accounting all the damage done to the two insects. We call it the health scale.

Rotten or Fresh?

Delina T, Amina F

Our names are Amina and Delina and we are doing a project on Ladybugs. For the lady bugs we are putting fresh fruit and rotten fruit to see what they eat, how they eat and when they eat. We wanted to see what ladybugs eat because they always seem to be eating. So we were wondering which kinds of fruit do they eat and would they prefer fresh fruits or rotten fruits.

Senses for Scents

Elizabeth R, Rosalynn C

Ladybugs are helpful to the environment and potted plants by eating mites aphids and small bugs, and we want to attract them to our garden. In our research we found out that ladybugs can help eating bad bugs on plants. So, we conduct and experiment using 5 different scents: Can-can, sparkling snow, beautiful day, sweat pea and Coke, and spray those scents on tissues. Then we place the ladybugs in the testing container and watch them roam around to see the scents they weill stay on (the way they chose) and record the findings. We test 9 ladybugs to see what scents they like. The results were really close with 3 scents.

This or That

Kaden B, Marcus H

Which food would ants prefer, syrup or honey. I did it because I wanted to know which won they would. I think it matters for me because I want to know which of these following foods they like more: honey, syrup.

This or That?

Kenza B

My experiment is defining if painted lady butterflies like oranges or apple juice better. I'm doing this experiment because people like butterflies especially if they want pollinators around there garden so they should know what attracts them and why. So how i started was I did some research and found out that most kinds of butterflies like oranges. So I knew I should add oranges to my experiment. I also found out that butterflies like juicy stuff and I wasnted to see if painted lady butterflies liked apple juice so that was added to my experiment. After that I did the experiment process and then I finished with organizing my data and I was done!

Wet, or Dry

Tenbite W

My experiment was "do pill bugs prefer a wetter environment or a dryer one".  The first time I did it they tended to go toward the wetter side then the dry. The second time I did the experiment it lasted 3 days but I added more water than I did on the first experiment. More pill bugs went to the wetter side then the dry side and faster than the first experiment. The hypothesis I had made before the experiment was that the pill bugs were going to go to the wetter side more and I was right.

What temperatures do ants prefer

Collin E

I will determine whether ants are attracted to warmer or colder temperatures. I will put a cold object on one side of the ant farm and a hot object on the other side and see which direction they will go in and this will tell me if ants are more active in cold or hot weather.

What's bugging down there?

Chad N

This project is about learning what kind of macroinvertebrates are in the ground. The reason I thought of this idea was because I was wondering what lived in our soil ecosystem and what was in the ground that we couldn't see.  I took three samples and in the first samples I got a scorpion, round worms and worms. And in my second and third I got just round worms and worms. So over all there are a lot it sjust I diddn't get that many though it was very exciting all the macroinvertebrates that I did. My results were that they were a  lot of different species but it seemd that there were more round worms than worms. And the scorpions weren't that common.

yum Yum In My Tum

Sahasra N, Zahur A

Our project is about the bees. Our question was what fruit do the bees like, we put 4 fruits outside. The bees could eat any fruit they wanted. We thought they would most likely go the the strawberries, because they are juicy. But they actually prefered the oranges and apples. Some ants went to the grapes. Mostly after we collected our data we noticed that the bees only oranges were glum. So we decided that oranges were bees favorite fruit.

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