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Abstracts from Weaver Lake Elementary 2008

Weaver Lake Elementary
15900 Weaver Lake Road
Maple Grove, MN 55311

Year: 2008
Teacher(s): Lisa Koch

How does light affect darkling beetle behavior?

Sakina W, Sakina M, Isabeau K

Our investigation was about how the beetles will react when we divide their cage into light, dark and room light sides. We created a container that allowed the beetles to move into a dark area, an area with more light, and an area in the center that was just list by room light. We learned that the beetles were found in the dark area more often than in the other two areas.

How does light affect earthworm and red compost worm movement

Alan R, Fernanda L

5th grade ELL students did an investigation to see if changing the light source had any effect on the movement of Earthworms and red Compost worms.

How does surface texture affect earthworm movement?

Lesley K, Alberto L

5th graders did an investigation to see if surface texture had any effect on the movement of Earthworms.

How many times its weight can a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach pull?

Alayah R, April L, Christie W

We had heard that this cockroach was very strong, and we wanted to find out how strong. We designed a way to attach a harness to a cockroach, and increased the weight until it stopped pulling. We tried this with a male and female cockroach, and found that the male can pull an average of 28 times his body weight, and the female can pull an average of 4 times her body weight.

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