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Abstracts from Plymouth Creek Elementary School 2007

Plymouth Creek Elementary School
16005 41st Ave N
Plymouth, MN 55446

Year: 2007
Teacher(s): Jill Freshwaters

Mantis Meals

Emma S, Eugene Z, Joe S, Ian H, Maia M, Steven H, Carlin M

Our question is which part of a cricket will a Praying Mantis eat first. Does a Praying Mantis eat the anterior or  posterior of a cricket first?
H1 The mantis will eat the anterior of a cricket first.
H2 The mantis will eat the posterior of a cricket first.
H0 The mantis eats neither the anterior or posterior first. (Corn on the cob! The middle!)
We are trying to support one of our hypotheses by doing experiments.We took four Praying Mantids and fed them each week.We each made a chart to record the data of what they ate first. The posterior, anterior or  in the middle, "corn on the cob"? 

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