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Abstracts from Plymouth Creek Elementary School 2010

Plymouth Creek Elementary School
16005 41st Ave N
Plymouth, MN 55446

Year: 2010
Teacher(s): Jill Freshwaters

Food Fight! Do aquatic turtles and crayfish have similar feeding habits and behaviors?

Sara S, Casey C, Rebecca G, Shanmugesh R, Blake B, Jake M

We observed Painted Turtles and Crayfish in our classroom and wondered if they had similar diets and feeding habits. We researched what they might eat in the wild and observed them eating. We made notes about which foods they ate; how long it took them to eat; and how they ate the food.

Lifecycles- Butterflies vs Dragonflies

Sara A, Matthew A, Sarayu P, Alex H, Santrion A

We studied Monarch Butterflies and wondered if other flying insects have the same lifecycle. We chose to compare Monarchs to Dragonflies. First we made predictions on how they may be alike and different. Then we researched Dragonflies to see how their lifecycle compares to a Monarch Butterfly. We found they are similar in ways we had not predicted and they are different in ways we didn't predict.

What Does a Crayfish Do With so Many Body Parts?

Arianna W, Benjamin L, Arason S, Kaleb A, Lydia B

We observed crayfish in our classroom and wondered, "Why do they have so many legs and pinchers"? We set up a habitat for crayfish in our classroom and observed them eating, sleeping, defending and moving around. We made notes about their behaviors and what we saw them doing with their body parts. We did research by reading books and looking up information on the web to see what the experts said about crayfish behavior and anatomy.

Why Are Some Turtles Painted?

Jacob C, Katie V, Jona O, Emma B, David B, Salomiya P

Our question is "Why are some turtles "painted"? We observed Painted Turtles in the creek outside of our classroom and in a tank inside our classroom. We also observed 3-Toed Box Turtles and then wondered why the aquatic turtles were so colorful. We did research on Painted Turtles to find out why they are colorful and other turtles around our school are not colorful.

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