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Abstracts from St. Mary of the Lake 2005

St. Mary of the Lake
4690 Bald Eagle Ave
White Bear Lake, MN 55110

Year: 2005
Teacher(s): Teresa Root

How does light and dark affect the speed of the development of a chrysalis?

Maureen M, Karl B

The purpose of our project was to figure out how light and darkness affect how a caterpillar develops in a chrysalis. In order to figure this out we placed one chrysalis in the light and the other in darkness. Our results were the chrysalis in the light hatched first and the one in darkness hatched at the pace of one in the wild, which is about thirteen days.

How does temperature affect the pupa stage?

Dana M

Our question was “If it is colder or warmer, does the weather affect when the butterfly comes out?” What we found out was the heat will speed up the growing in the chrysalis. The butterfly in the plastic cooler hatched two days later than the butterfly in the heat.

What does that thermometer say?!

Nikki S

Monarch chrysalides are used to typical Minnesota fall weather. Our group wanted to know what would happen if we changed the amount of light and the temperature in the chrysalides’ environment – would it affect growth? We found that the chrysalides in the light hatched sooner than the rest.

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