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Abstracts from Anishinabe Academy 2010

Anishinabe Academy
3100 E. 28th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Year: 2010
Teacher(s): Marie Wilson

How Much Milkweed Does A Caterpillar Eat?

Nevaeh D, Skyler D, Joshua L, Nikayla H, Aster M, Joseph W

Our experiment was to collect data about how much milkweed does a caterpillar eat.  After the caterpillars hatched, each was put in a separate container.  Each day, a fresh milkweed leaf was put in the container.  Af first our caterpillar ate only a very small amount of milkweed.  Each day a picture on graph paper was drawn showing how much the caterpillar ate.  As the larva got bigger, it ate more milkweed.  Then we made bar graphs showing the data.

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