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Abstracts from Stewart/Brownton Girl Scouts 2010

Stewart/Brownton Girl Scouts
221 Martha Street
Stewart, MN 55385

Year: 2010
Teacher(s): Gerri Fitzloff

Aphids, Ants, and Milkweed Plants

Caitlin S

We did a project on how many ants and aphids are on the milkweed plants. We monitored the plants from June 22-August 16. We put all our data together. Our conclusion, hypothesis, results, data, question and next time are taped on our poster board.

Deformed vs healthy butterflies

Laura T, Aurora L

We raised a deformed butterfly until he died and recorded it. We wanted to know how long a deformed butterfly lives compaed to a healthy one (male). We found that they do in capitivity about the same. It would probably be way different if it wasn't in captivity. Not all chrysalis' hatch healthy butterflies.

Does color matter?

Brandi P

My project was about the colors of flowers that attract monarch butterflies. I watched the flowers in my yard for a week. I sat for one hour each day. I monitored white, yellow, red, pink and purple flowers. I found that the butterflies liked the purple flowers best.

Girls Vs boys

Camille B, Hali L

Our Project was Girls Vs. Boys. We decided to do that project because we wanted to know if thee would be more females than males. There was--had 4 females and only 3 males. They were really close. There is not much of a difference. The next time we will flip a coin and see if we get different results.

Leaves vs height of milkweed

Kaylee H

I went to he field and I looked at 30 different milkweeds. Wrote down the number of milkweed and how many leaves and seed pods they had. The tallest milkweed was 60 inches and it had 30 leaves and 0 seed pods. The smallest milkweed was 14 inches and it had 16 leaves and 0 seedpods. The results are that the taller plants have more leaves.

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