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Abstracts from Stewart/Brownton Girl Scouts 2011

Stewart/Brownton Girl Scouts
221 Martha Street
Stewart, MN 55385

Year: 2011
Teacher(s): Gerri Fitzloff

Comparing years

Aurora (Auri) L

This project is about comparing the site we monitored, this year and last. It's comparing the data we got from monitoring at our site from the two years and to the whole state of Minnesota. We were trying to find why last year they were so different.

Deformed Butterflies

Hali L

I observed a monarch larvae from the 5th instar through forming a chrystallis and hatching into a butterfly. It's wing did not form correctly and was bent. I let the butterfly out of its cage. Then I tried to have the butterfly fly. At first it doesn't fly; later it flies some. When I was done making these observatrions I put the butterfly back into its cage.

Milkweed Uses

Kaylee H

Monarch Caterpillar "Flicking" behavior

Laura T

i wanted to see if caterpillars flicked when they heard sound.

Monarchs in captivity

Camille B

I wanted to see if monarchs live in captivity longer than outside in the wild. They live about the same except for the ones that fly to mexico they live longer. They live about the same. If i did my project again i would use more butterflies and a bigger cage and i would keep them outside instead of in the house.

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