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Abstracts from Stewart/Brownton Girl Scouts 2015

Stewart/Brownton Girl Scouts
221 Martha Street
Stewart, MN 55385

Year: 2015
Teacher(s): Gerri Fitzloff

Shimmer vs. Ryker Which one prefers what? Meat or Cheese.

Cierra B

For my cats, Shimmer and Ryker, I will lay some Cheese and pepperoni lunch meat in front of them. I will let them choose  which  one to eat first. I will do this for 5 to 7 days. My predictions are that Shimmer will eat cheese more often than Ryker. I think Ryker, who loves to steal food off our plates while eating, will head to the meat first. This will be fun to see who enjoys what and if I know my cats as well as I think.

What is my guinea pig's favorite color of food???,,green or orange?????

Dakota B

I am going to give Brownie and Sparkles some carrots (orange food) and hay (green food) at the same time and see which one prefers to eat which color food first. I know they both like these foods, but we do not always watch which they go for first. I have no idea what the outcome will be after I test this for at least 5-7 days. I hope to get to know my guinea pigs eating habits a it more through this project.

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