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Abstracts from New City School 2011

New City School
229 13th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Year: 2011
Teacher(s): Demian Jackman

Working Together

Jasper L, Linnea B, Noah K, Mercades T, Briana F, Jaidynn A

In the fall, Ms. Karla’s class at New City School went into our schoolyard to document what we noticed.  Ants were the most common insects we observed.  So, we decided to get ant farms to observe their behavior further.  This inspired us to do more research and create a display to show what we learned.  We painted the underground tunnels and chambers of the ant colony on a giant sheet.  Next, we created three-dimensional ants using cardboard, tape, paper, wire, paper mache and paint.  To tie the whole project together we included some information we discovered so we could teach others about this wonderfully social insect.

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