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Abstracts from New City School 2012

New City School
229 13th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413

Year: 2012
Teacher(s): Demian Jackman

The Buzz on Bees

Ursula G, Talula C, Frances L, Arman C, Asa H, Lukas L

This fall in our Monarch Meadow (a native prairie garden) we observed pollinators. While we were observing, we saw bees more often than other pollinators and we wondered why. This observation made us wonder more about bees. As a result, our class went on a field trip to a beekeeper’s house with the Bees on Bikes group. On the trip, we learned information about how heavy honey can be, how beeswax is made, the different types of honeybees in a colony, and the anatomy of each one. From this experience, we started an art project. The project consisted of doing observational drawings and scientific illustrations of bees with watercolor and creating bees made of beeswax.

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