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Abstracts from Garlough Environmental Magnet 2014

Garlough Environmental Magnet
1740 Charlton
West St. Paul, MN 55118

Year: 2014
Teacher(s): Jennifer Parker

Are Cave Cockroaches Picky Eaters?

Ruby L, Sophia T

by Ruby Lipschultz and Sophia Todaro We are studying cave cockroaches. We are trying to find out if the cockroaches like grains or veggies better. We feed them twice a week and always check on them right after lunch to collect data.

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Hang-outs

Eddie K, Christian O

by Eddy Koch, Christian O'Hara, Guadalupe Jimenez Blanco Our 4th grade group is wondering if hissing cockroaches prefer being inside things or out in the open. We have put various objects in their habitat such as a log and toilet paper roll. We are observing where they are hanging out several times a day.

Tarantula Habitats

Kyle C

by Kyle Conney A group of my 4th grade friends and I are studying what habitat a tarantula prefers: desert or forest. We divided her tank in half with a desert scene (sand, cacti) on one side where she can be easily seen, and a crowded, earthy, leafy shady scene for the forest scene where she is harder to find. We observed her 3 times a day and collected data on her location.

Walking Stick Habitat Preferences

Ruby P, Oliver M, Rachel C, Seth S

by Ruby Pike, Seth Satre, Oliver Moore, Rachel Carter Do stick bugs prefer light or dark? Prairie or forest? Hanging out on twigs or thicker sticks? We arranged several different containers to test these three questions. The light and dark stick bugs were separated and one was on a shelf and received normal daylight. The other was hidden behind a storage cube. We also made two divided cages to measure the habitat and stick size preferences. All stick bugs' locations were checked three times daily and we recorded what they were doing and where they were in the habitat.

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