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Abstracts from Garlough Environmental Magnet 2017

Garlough Environmental Magnet
1740 Charlton
West St. Paul, MN 55118

Year: 2017
Teacher(s): Jennifer Parker

Do Desert Millipedes Prefer Sandy or Loamy Substrates?

Manny S, Logan R, Nora M

Marvelous Millipedes! Our group is curious if the millipedes like a sandy side or a loamy land. We set up sand on one side of the aquarium and loamy on the other. We are trying to keep the food in the middle. We watch them every day at recess to see which side they like best. We are excited to see how it turns out!

Do Tarantulas prefer Mealworms or Crickets?

Juliana R, Lesly B, Jovanny C, Kealia S

Our group is wondering what food a tarantula likes best. If the tarantula will eat a cricket or a mealworm first. We are feeding him one cricket and one mealworm each week. The one he eats first is the one he likes best.

What Gets Snails Moving?

Leyda M, Magnus H

We are wondering what makes snails move. We will try multiple surfaces and see which one they move the farthest on. We cleaned the cage and gave them fresh lettuce. We will try 3 surfaces  and do 3 trials. The surfaces are white board, table and birch bark.

Where Do Hissing Cockroaches Prefer to Gather?

Ashley N, Gretta L

We are wondering what climbing area Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches like best. We put a log and a wooden cube into their enclosure and every day we check them and count how many are on the log and how many are on the wooden cube. We will collect this data over a month.

Which Decomposers Eat the Most Carrots?

Deaven M, MacKenzie S, Marigold M

Our group is wondering what decomposer likes carrots best. The three decomposers that we are comparing are Bumblebee millipedes, Domino cockroaches or Blue Death Feigning Beetles. We are feeding them one carrot per day and collecting data on their nibbles. 

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