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Abstracts from Minnehaha Academy 2014

Minnehaha Academy
4200 West River Parkway
Minneapolis, MN 55406

Year: 2014
Teacher(s): Katie Humason, Natalia Jankowski

Bug defenses!

Benjamin A, Lukas E, Ryan R

This investigation look at what defenses insects had and how they used them. It was found out that defenses of insects/arachnids were; camouflage, hide, venom, poison, run, swim, fly, bad odor, sharp claws, teeth, spikes, play dead, sting, warning colors, and mimicry.

Mulch or Bran?

Ayres W, Sathavy W, Stella K

The question in this investigation was do darkling beetles like mulch or bran better. The hypothesis posed was that the darkling beetles would like bran better because it's a food source. The hypothesis stated was supported in that the beetles mostly like bran better and were digging in it. The new learning that was found is that darkling beetles live in what they eat and will cause you no harm.

Robin Responses

Brandon B

What is a Robin's response to artificial robin sounds. We played robin songs on the iPad and recorded the responses of the robins.

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