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Abstracts from L.C. Webster Elementary School 2007

L.C. Webster Elementary School
2520 12th Ave
North St Paul, MN 55109

Year: 2007
Teacher(s): Mary Hedenstrom

What Do Milkweed Bugs Drink?

In my experiment I wanted to know what would a milkweed bug drink.  The choices were apple juice, soda pop, and water.  I studied this project because I always see these bugs in the summer and they are pretty annoying, and I liked their color.  I wanted to know about what choices they would make because they drink water and I wanted to see if they would drink somethng else.  I put ten milkweed bugs in three crates so it added up to thirty, then I put three cotton puffs of one of water, one of apple juice, and one of soda pop. Then for about 15-10 minutes we observed what the drank the most and what they were doing.  Most days they drank water the most, but one day they drank soda the most.   I would like to study their behavior and drinking habits in the wild.

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