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Abstracts from Urban Ecology Center 2012

Urban Ecology Center
1500 E. Park Pl
Milwaukee, WI 53211

Year: 2012
Teacher(s): Erick Anderson

Traveling Bird Count on Land versus the Island in Washington Park, Milwaukee WI

Liam D, Kennedy Y, Jada Y, Marie C, Michelle W, Bella C, Donald H

Here at the Urban Ecology Center at Washington Park we have lots of fun doing all sorts of things such as fun environmental games, fieldtrips, and canoeing. There are also a couple of small islands that we like to visit. Our research question was the following : where are there more birds, on the island or on the shore of the lagoon? For four weeks we did traveling bird counts on our island and for the same distance as on land, and compared the birds that we found. We found that there were more birds on the shore than on the island. We also made a good record of which birds migrated through Washington Park during migration season, which is included in our report.

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