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Abstracts from Capitol Hill School 2012

Capitol Hill School
560 Concordia Ave
St. Paul, MN 55103

Year: 2012
Teacher(s): Audrey Favorito

A survey of organisms found in a small urban milkweed patch

Dominic F, Antonio F, Robert O, William O, Nina H, Felix H

As human development continues to reduce space for wild species, small patches of urban land may provide vital habitat. Land between busy roads, houses, railways and other developments can become part of a patchwork of habitats that are useful to insects, birds, and mammals. Our research site is a small patch of land bordered by a railroad track, busy street and neighborhood. We wanted to know how many species of arthropods we could find in this small patch of land and then formulate hypotheses about its importance to other organisms who only visit the patch, such as the monarch butterfly. We found that the patch is utilized by many species including the monarch. This patch of land does support many species and may be important to the survival of wild species.

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