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Abstracts from Carondelet Catholic School 2006

Carondelet Catholic School
3210 W 51st St
Minneapolis, MN 55410

Year: 2006
Teacher(s): Cece Cope

Grain Invaders by Jay Graiziger and Max LaQua

Jay G, Max L

The experiment that we did was on mealworms. The question that we had was which food: whole wheat flour versus oatmeal had an effect on mealworm growth patterns. We put ten mealworms in each jar and took observations on them every week for five weeks The results of the experiment were that the experimental group (the mealworms with the oatmeal) had faster growing patterns than the controlled group (the mealworms with the whole wheat flour). The experimental group grew faster and had an average length of 2.5 cm vs. the average length of 2.3 cm. for the controlled group. We took care to control all conditions in the experiment. Mealworms in both groups had the same size and type of container, same amount of food, same temperature. One source of uncertainty is that at the beginning of our experiment, there was an average difference in length of .4 cm between the two groups. Two things that we learned through doing this experiment is that mealworms turn into beetles and also that it takes 3-6 months for their life-cycle to fully complete.

Mealworm Mania: Bran vs Oatmeal diet by Frances M-M and Martha De Meules

Martha D, Frances M

We put five mealworms in one container, and five in another, then put bran in one container, and oatmeal in another. We wanted to see which mealworms would grow bigger, faster. The results that we found were that the mealworms in the container with Oatmeal grew longer and went through their life cycle faster than the mealworms with Bran. Some errors that might have occured in this experiment were that the air holes in the container were bigger in the Oatmeal container than in the container with Bran. This could have affected the outcome because more light would have been shed in that container than the other. One thing we learned was that even insects as small as mealworms need the proper nutrients to grow, like the nutrients in the Oatmeal.

The Roach Motel by Ted Engelen

Ted E

In my project I wanted to see if a small habitat would affect the activity of a hissing cockroach as opposed to a large one. I put five roaches in a small 7x4 container and I put 5 roaches in a large 15x7 container. After recording observations for six weeks on the daily activity patterns of the roaches, one of my friends and I rated the activity levels on a scale from one to five. After this I graphed the results and they show that my experiment best supports my first hypothesis. This was that the cockroaches in the smaller container would be less active then the ones in the larger container.

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