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Abstracts from Wayzata East Middle School 2014

Wayzata East Middle School
12000 Ridgemount Ave
Plymouth, MN 55441

Year: 2014
Teacher(s): Kristi Corens

Basil and Mint Potato Traps

Sammie F, Erica B

Have you ever wondered if arthropods would avoid a trap based on what is inside of it? We made potato traps and put basil leaves

Potato Honeys

Bea L, Jessica J

The purpose of our project was to see how many arthropods would be attracted to honey

Sweep Nets

Abby M

The project I chose was the sweep nets. What you do is pick two different types of land. I chose prairie and swamp. You then take how many steps you want and how many sweeps you want. I took 10 steps and swept 10 times. Finally you look at what you caught and record it in your data table and count up whatever you're counting. You do the same thing in your next place and you compare the data tables. Based off your hypothesis and data you will be able to tell if your hypothesis was right or wrong. You also have your answer! Thank-you so much for reading this and I hope you like my project!

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