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Abstracts from Harambee Elementary 2014

Harambee Elementary
30 E Cty Rd B
Maplewood, MN 55117

Year: 2014
Teacher(s): Jenny Eckman

Rutabega vs. Potato; What will Isopods Choose?

Kaniyah E, Gannon R, Casey T, Jayden V, Macy S, Javis M

We designed our experiment after initial testing showed captive pill bugs had preference for rutabaga over other fruit or vegetable leftovers and seeing how the same type of isopod was drawn to our backyard potato traps. We studied the preferences of pill bugs between a potato trap or a loose piece of rutabaga. We built 3 habitats with similar soil and moisture content, then put a piece of rutabaga on one side and a potato trap on the other. An equal number of similarly sized isopods were placed in the middle and the habitats were checked at regular intervals. Initially our results showed a preference for the potato trap but as the experiment went on, our data was less conclusive.

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