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Abstracts from Oak Ridge Elementary 2018

Oak Ridge Elementary
4350 Johnny Cake Ridge Rd
Eagan, MN 55122

Year: 2018
Teacher(s): Angie Schlede, Donnie Backner

Cockroach Behavior

Josh C, Bennett D, Agnes O, Joe W

This fall we observed cockroaches.  We noticed they were moving a lot. This made us wonder if changing the number of males and females of cockroaches in the bin would affect the behavior.  To test our question we set up three bins with different amounts of males and female cockroaches in each bin.

Cockroach Climate

Liv O, Fatima N

This fall we observed cockroaches.  We noticed that some were more active than others.  This observation made us wonder if cockroaches could survive in environments with different temperatures.  To test our question we put cockroaches in bins and varied the temperature.

Helping Grass Grow?

Caiden M, Zamier M, Mahlet F

This fall we observed plants.  We noticed that some plants were tall and some were smaller.  This observation made us wonder if the amount of fertilizer added to the soil can change how tall a plant can grow.  To test our question we planted grass in soil with different amounts of fertilizer and collected data.


The Mystery of Soil

Erik O, Gianni B, Alex K

This fall we observed plants in our eco-columns.  We noticed the plants were different heights. This observation made us wonder why the plant heights were different and if the soil affected it.  To test our question we planted seeds in different amounts of soil and collected data.


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