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Abstracts from Northdale Middle School 2016

Northdale Middle School
11301 Dogwood St NW
Coon Rapids, MN 55448

Year: 2016
Teacher(s): Kelly Langton

Dragonflies vs. Damselflies in the Field

Tammy N, Noah G, Rebecca K, Ava K, Payton B, Sophia S, Jordan K, Noel A, Isaac W

The purpose of this field study was to learn the relationship between the number of Zygoptera (damselflies) to Anisoptera (dragonflies) in the baseball field. Our class of 31 students went outside every day for seven days to catch and count the different types of Odonata in the field. At the end of our experiment, we found that 34 of the 40 Odonata our class caught were dragonflies and six of the Odonata our class caught were damselflies. To ensure that we did not catch the same odonata multiple times, the class placed the caught odonata in plastic specimen pouches. The data we collected was organized into graphs and tables for easier viewing. Our results showed that there are more dragonflies in the field than damselflies. 


Dragonflies vs. Damselflies Near the Pond

Derek L, Grace T, William K, Isabelle G, Alyssa T, Grace G, Kevin G, Ian L, Ahmed M

Our class at Northdale conducted a field study on Odonata.  We went outside to the small pond near our school to collect Dragonflies and Damselflies.  We took our nets and hand-lenses and headed out.  We wanted to get evidence to support our hypothesis.  Our null hypothesis is that there would be the same amount of dragonflies and damselflies near the water.  Hypothesis one is that there would be more dragonflies near the pond than damselflies, and our second is that there would be more damselflies near the water than dragonflies.  We collected all sorts of different Odonata, and we recorded the ones we had collected and put them in clear plastic sleeves, so that we wouldn’t record the same Odonata more than once.



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