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Abstracts from Northdale Middle School 2017

Northdale Middle School
11301 Dogwood St NW
Coon Rapids, MN 55448

Year: 2017
Teacher(s): Kelly Langton

Forest Bird Diversity: Pond vs Field

Collin M, Aaron C, Zach S, Alina S, Eric M, Ileene A, Enzo L

This experiment was conducted to see the difference between bird diversity in forests located near a field and near a pond. The problem we investigated was: Will there be a difference in bird diversity between the two locations? We went out everyday for three days to observe birds. Then we recorded all the birds we heard and saw. We then averaged all of our data. We found that more birds were seen at the forest near the pond than the forest near the field. We saw a lot of the same type birds in the two locations. The closeness of the two locations could have impacted our results.  This could cause our data to be inaccurate.

Robins and Jays and Sparrows, Oh My!

Bethany D, Peyton T, Molly G, Conner H, Steven L, MacKenna B, Shalom S, Karina B, Isabela S, Ella B

In our field study, we wanted to better our understanding about the relationship between bird diversity and the location in which we observe the birds. During this experiment, our class went outside and looked for birds in two locations: the woods near the field and the woods near the water. We observed the birds for 5 minutes and then moved to the next location.  The woods near the field ended up having more bird diversity, whereas the birds near the water had more bird species of the same kind. We had to take in mind that the weather, the time of day, and the noise around us, could be factors of the amount of bird diversity we see.

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