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Abstracts from Jackson Middle School 2016

Jackson Middle School
6000 109th Ave N
Champlin, MN 55427

Year: 2016
Teacher(s): Sarah Garrett

Do birds like to head bang or listen to Bach?

Audrey M

My class and I had been watching birds for a while and wondered, “Could we use a certain genre of music to attracted them?”  We wanted to know how birds reacted to different types of music. Our genres of music were Dubstep, Classical, and Heavy Metal.  We played each type of music to 5 birds and recorded if they moved away, towards us, had no reaction to the music, or had some other reaction. Our results were that 3 birds moved away from the Dubstep, 4 birds moved towards us when we played Classical music, and 3 birds moved away when we played Heavy Metal music. Our results showed that birds are more scared of heavy metal and Dubstep and are attracted to classical music.

Pollinator Field Study at Jackson Middle School

Vanessa V, Erin S

Bees are fundamental in the pollination of 90% of the plants we eat.   For this reason, we wanted to research them in our field study. In our investigation,  27 eighth graders collected all the pollinators we could find in 15 minutes in Jackson Middle School’s front lawn and rain garden. To capture our specimens, we used Ziploc cups to hand-collect the pollinators. There was a total of 43 social bees, 0 solitary bees, 5 wasps and 2 flower flies.  All of the social bees we found were bumblebees, and all of the wasps were paper wasps. These results suggested that social bees, specifically bumble bees, are the most abundant in our area, and that solitary bees are at a minimal around our school.

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