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Abstracts from Jackson Middle School 2018

Jackson Middle School
6000 109th Ave N
Champlin, MN 55427

Year: 2018
Teacher(s): Sarah Garrett

The Champlin Pollinator Study

Anisha W, Grace W, Hannah L, Audrey N

In our study, we wanted to know if our location affects the diversity and abundance of pollinators we find.  We collected pollinators using small cups at Jackson Middle School, Champlin Park High School (CPHS), and Champlin Brooklyn Park Academy (CBPA) Elementary School for 10 minutes each over two different days in September.  We caught the most pollinators on the grounds at Jackson Middle School, and it was also the location were we saw the most diversity. The one that had the second most pollinators was CBPA and in 3rd was CPHS. From our results, we would suggest that we should plant more flowers and increase pollinator habitat around Champlin Park High School.

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