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Abstracts from Adams Spanish Immersion 2016

Adams Spanish Immersion
615 S Chatsworth St
St Paul, MN 55102

Year: 2016
Teacher(s): Lynn Shellenberger

Birds are our Friends

Max L, Domingo B, Diego B, Matai B, Ivan B, Rashon K, Calum A, Jackson B, Kieran K, Bailey G, Geovanni B, Joaquin O

We will create a story book for children to learn to survey the birds around their home, research the best food for the birds in your back yard, instructions for building your own bird feeder and to feed the birds especially in the winter. Along with the book we will be building the bird feeders in the book and putting them up around our school and in our own yards. We hope to create new bird lovers who will help feed they for a lifetime.

Butterfly Book

Hilaria H, Mia A, Adrianna M, Ashiia C, Amarihana C, Ayana H, Celia R

They will put together a how to create your own butterfly gardens. The book will cover different types of milkweed, flowers that attract butterflies, how to care for your garden, what you garden will look like in the fall-spring and where to get your plant supplies. The goal for this book will increase the awareness of the plight of the butterflies, is to make creating a butterfly garden easy and fun, so that more people will plant and maintain the gardens and we can together increase the butterfly population. 


No More Bad Dog

Cindy P, Elizabeth V, Eric C, Tomas D, Jennifer B, Josephine B, Roya S, Anna B, Malachi K, Leonardo V, Tomas M, Benjamin M

Pet owners have a problem with dogs getting up on the couch. This can be a large problem especial when you are not home to scold the dog. If a pet owner always has to scold their best friend for getting up on the couch both the owner and the dogs are sad. we have created a cover to go over the seats of the couch or chair the will deter the dogs from wanting to sit on the couch. We will create a booklet to assist the pet owner create good behaviors or change bad ones. This will allow both the owner and dogs to be happy and feel good.

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