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Abstracts from Heritage Academy 2018

Heritage Academy
1042 18th Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414

Year: 2018
Teacher(s): mary wendorf

What food does a painted turtle prefer?

Angelina K, SAWSAN H

I wonder what food a painted turtle prefers.  I researched painted turtles.  I discovered how to determine if a turtle is a boy or a girl.  I looked up what turtles eat:  plants, small fish and worms.  My plan was to determine what food a painted turtle preferred.  Over 3 days I place food in the turtle tank on each end.  Plant material on one side and a worm on the other.  I put the turtle in the middle and observed.   Each time, three times a day for three consecutive days, the turtle zeroed in on the worm.  The turtle extended its neck over an inch before clasping the worm in its mouth.  My conclusion is my turtle is a female and the preferred food is worms.

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