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Abstracts from Cloquet Middle School 2002

Cloquet Middle School
509 Carlton Ave
Cloquet, MN 55720

Year: 2002
Teacher(s): Cindy Edwardson

Do Male or Female Monarch Butterfly Have Longer Antennae?

Laura C

In my experiment, I measured the length of the antennae of 15 males, and 15 females monarch butterflies.  I wanted to do this test because I was interested in finding out if there was a gender difference.  I measured in millimeters.  I found out that the males antennae length ranged from 15-19 mm, and the females were from 13-15 mm.  This was very surprising.  I found out that the males antennae were longer.  My hypothesis was wrong.  I was guessing that they would be the same.  This was a very interesting experiment.

How Does Gender Affect the Strength of the Butterffly?

Chris H, Matt E

In our experiment, we studied the strength of male and female Monarch butterflies by determining which gender could pull more weight.  We attached string to the abdomen of the adults and added weights in milligrams until they could no longer fly.  The average weight carried by females was .58 grams and for males it was .38 grams.  We had guessed that males would be stronger.  The female butterflies may have been larger which could have affected their strength.  Next time we would weigh the butterflies and measure their wing length and compare this to their strength.

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