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Abstracts from Cloquet Middle School 2006

Cloquet Middle School
509 Carlton Ave
Cloquet, MN 55720

Year: 2006
Teacher(s): Cindy Edwardson, Cynthia Welsh

Does a Decorated Cage Affect the Lifespan of a Monarch Butterfly?

Gender Differences Between Male and Female Monarch Caterpillars

Amy C

What affect does acid rain have on the number and diversity of tardigrades (water bears) found in lichen?

Courtney J

What affect does nectar and environment have on monarch butterfly eating habits and growth?

Alyssa L

 The Monarch butterfly is one of the most recognized insect in North America.

Many people enjoy watching monarch butterflies. Many people gather monarch larva and raise them into an adult butterflies only to release them in the Fall. The question is what affect does nectar and environment have on monarch butterfly eating habits and growth? The hypothesis is that a cylinder shaped cage and honey, nature‚Äôs nectar, would help monarch butterflies maintain their mass over a square cage and monarch feed just juice. This experiment was done to choose the best liquid to feed them is important. Four monarch butterflies were each placed in a separate cage. Four sets of round, plastic green cages and four sets of brown, wooden, square cages, 8 butterflies were used; one butterfly was placed in each cage. Daily, measure the mass in grams (g) of each butterfly on a scale. Then I took 8 dishes (perti dish) and 8 sponges and laid one sponge per dish. The mass of food, and butterfly was recorded each day.  The hypothesis was partially supported. There was not much of a difference between the mass loss of monarchs in a square vs. round cage, but they did lose less mass in a square wooden cage. Monarchs normally over-winter on trees, so possibly this is why they lost less mass in the wooden cage. Monarchs feed honey maintained their mass better than monarchs feed juice. Monarchs fed juice probably did better because honey is very similar to the nectar that monarchs normally get from a flower. In nature monarchs will encounter many different shaped objects and do not seem to be affected by cage shape.


What Color Background Does a Walking Stick Perfer to Rest On?

Sarah E

What Color Sponge Does a Monarch Butterfly Prefer to Nectar From?

Carrie Z, Rachel R

What learning style helps children learn about monarch butterflies--visual or hands on learning?

Nicole J, Amanda M

 Using Monarch Butterflies to learn about science, insects and the scientific method is a good way to learn, but what is the best teaching style while teaching individual lessons? There are lots of different kinds of learning styles, but which one works best for 6th graders? Visual/Audio learning is were you watch and listen to a teacher share information.  Hands on learning occurs when the student interacts with what they are learning about or holds and cares for the monarch. Nineteen students were given the audio visual lesson-7 boys and 11 girls (puppet show and teacher talk). Nineteen students were given the hands on lesson-9 boys and 10 girls. (handled monarchs while teacher talked). Scores were tallied and the percentage of change was calculated. The original hypothesis was that hands on learning would work better to teach 6th graders about monarch butterflies when compared to the audio/visual lesson. The hypothesis was not supported boys and girls did better on the monarch quiz after the teacher centered audio/visual lesson when compared to the hands-on lesson. In both cases boys did a little better than girls on the quiz.

What type of milkweed do monarch larva prefer--regular or swamp milkweed?

Who Has Longer Legs, Male or Female Monarch Butterflies?

Stephan H

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